Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've Been Writing

I’ve been writing again in some places, and those places are listed below. I also have a new film screening on December 12th and 13th in Minneapolis. I don’t really know where or when, but I’ll probably put something up about it when I know, I did the film with choreographer Mandy Herrick and her crew, she’s awesome, you should go see one of her performances sometime (they are in very odd locations and a lot of fun, again, maybe I’ll put something up about her next one when I know where it is…I should do more research before I start doing posts like this…)

Translating the Polls into Electoral Votes (Guernica Mag)
A Year of Smears or Barack Obama is a Muslim and Al Franken Laughs at the Disabled (BlogsAreAboutEgo)
Draw Fire Rocks Manhattan (TC Daily Planet)
W. Reviewed (Tiny Mix Tapes)
Review of Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker’s Fantasma Parastasie (Favorite 10)
Are You Being Sold the Warm Fuzzies? (Intentionally Urban)

David has been writing too, and these are good so I’m including them:
Minnesota 6th Graders Get Out the Vote (Huffington Post)
Michelle Bachmann “Represents” Minnesota on Hardball (This is How I Love You)

LPR had a lot of good stuff this week too:
JACK Quartet, then Corey Dargel CD Release party, and then a Crookers late party (New York Times)
Apes & Androids on Halloween (Gothamist)

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