Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I can't do anything better than Alex Lemon

So, I'm ripping this straight from Alex Lemon's blog to share with you. But I can't even use my own words. He labeled the post "Sad Story With A Beautiful Ending" and that's about the best way you can put this.

New InDefinite Podcast, plus Time Travel

There is a new episode of InDigest's InDefinite Podcast up featuring Steven Karl. I like it. I also sound sick on the voice over. If you think that, you are smart, because it is truth.

Also, time travel. For real. It looks like there is a woman talking on a cell phone in this slowed down clip from Charlie Chaplin's Circus. Weird, right?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Episode #12 of Radio Happy Hour is up

We had Born Ruffians, one of my favorite directors, Andrew Bujalski, and 30 Rock writer Hannibal Buress on the show this time. We should have some extras up soon with more songs, interviews and some stand up from Ted Alexandro. He's great, and did the quiz along with Ali Wong, who is in our first Radio Happy Hour short that will be out at the end of the month.

Listen to the podcast here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Announcing: InDefinite Podcast, new from InDigest

InDigest is announcing a new podcast with readings and interviews and the like. It's hosted by me, and features people who are more interesting than me. Get the first installment here.

From InDefinite:
Welcome to InDefinite Podcast, the new weekly podcast from InDigest Magazine. The podcast is going to range from author interviews to discussions to recordings from the InDigest 1207 Reading Series. This first episode features Arthur Phillips recorded live at the October 3rd InDigest 1207 Reading at Le Poisson Rouge in New York. Arthur discusses his introduction to the forthcoming publication of “The Tragedy of King Arthur,” which may or may not be the first play William Shakespeare wrote. This is one of the first times Arthur has discussed this book (April 2011, Random House) and what will likely be a somewhat controversial publication. I would start to explain exactly what we mean by “may or may not,” but then you wouldn’t need to listen to the podcast, and it’s far more interesting coming from Arthur. Enjoy.

UK has an iPhone ap that helps citizens report pot-holes

this is awesome and I wish it had existed in MN and WI when I was driving a car still