Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Freeloaders Fine

Wednesday night I'll be reading at Molasses Books in Bushwick with John Reed and Leah Umansky. The best part? (Beside John & Leah...) Free drinks. There will probably be free drinks all night.

Here's the deal. This is the first time Molasses is trying this out. There's an open bar tab for the night. We add value to the open bar by donating books to Molasses Books. Every book you bring in means a little more money is added to our collective bar tab. And I have got a boatload of books. (Just slightly less than a buttload.) It should be fun. Everyone is reading something based on other books. (You know, because books!) I'm going to try out a new longer poem. How about that?

The reading starts at 8pm.

More info on Facebook.

And Ashleigh is reading at The Book Report tonight (Tuesday). She'll be attempting to hypnotize the audience. That's not a metaphor. That's at 7pm at Le Poisson Rouge.

More info on Facebook.

And on Friday, I've got a new work in the Loft 594 gallery for the installation "The Asshole in the Gallery." I'm doing a projections and poetry piece called Bits, Collected. It's a lomo projection with a poem and some notecards. We could have a drink there too if you'd like. That starts around 6.

More info on Facebook.