Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Everything Oz"

The new issue of H_ngm_n came out yesterday and I've got a poem in it called "Everything Oz."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Radio Dispatch

I was on the new episode of John & Molly Knefel's Radio Dispatch podcast. I talk about a few books and poetry. you can hear it here. I um.

John and Molly. They're funny.

So is Breadbucket, but there isn't much there. It's new.

There is a photo of me I like on their site as well. Jacqui Ouanes took it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who was the creator of that again? I can't seem to remember....oh that's right...

Thanks Flavorpill an innocent and hilarious typo.

(If you can't find it look in the second paragraph.)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Episode #17 of Radio Happy Hour is up now! Featuring Elizabeth & the Catapult, Dave Hill, and Arthur Phillips

Radio Happy Hour has just released Episode #17 featuring Elizabeth & the Catapult, Dave Hill, and Arthur Phillips. Listen to the podcast here. A little from Radio Happy Hour on the show:
In Episode #17 of Radio Happy Hour Sam moves to Montana to ref the Montana Three Way, a three way professional wrestling bout between Rusty Trombone, The Shakespearean Punisher (Arthur Phillips) with his inept manager Dave Hill, and Osama bin Droppin’ Elbows. But when Osama’s manager, Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabeth & the Catapult, comes out to tell everyone that Osama is missing the crowd gets pissed and the mystery gets hot ‘n heavy. And by “crowd” I mean Steve, the one guy who comes to the Montana Three Way every year.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Franz Nicolay is joining Radio Happy Hour

From Radio Happy Hour:

We're pretty thrilled to tell you about our next live taping. (It's not a banana.) On April 16th (that's only about two weeks from now!) we'll be back in the dark basement of (Le) Poisson Rouge drinking in the middle of the afternoon. This time we'll be serenaded by the serene tunes of Franz Nicolay. Franz is the brilliantly mustachioed man you've seen doing solo work, out on tour with our friend David Dondero, doing keys with The Hold Steady, and generally rocking in World Inferno Friendship Society. (A lot, I know, and that's not everything.)

Come celebrate spring, mustaches, and murder with us on April 16. The most fun you'll have in a dark basement on what should be a beautiful spring afternoon.

Oh, and if you're around on April 15th join us as the RHH crew go watch Franz play a show with our good friend David Dondero (remember episode #11, "The Don, The Delicious, and The Doom"?) at the Cake Shop in New York.