Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Everything Oz

I've got a poem up over at Voicemail Poems called "Everything Oz." A different version of this poem appeared over at H_NGM_N a while back. I've updated it and it's that version exists as audio on an answering machine now.

That doesn't really have anything to do with James Franco or the Wizard of Oz I guess, but, you know, pictures!

That's all for now. Back to being a dad. (This change has not made me start to like Wilco.)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Upcoming Readings

I've got a few readings coming up and I thought I'd say them all as fast I can in a single breath. Ok. Inhale.

On July 25th I'm reading at the Five [Quarterly] First Birthday Party. I've got a poem in their upcoming issue (and was a finalist for their chapbook prize) and this'll be a good time. It starts at 7pm at 61 Local in Brooklyn.

Then I'll be reading (again with 5/Q) on July 27th at the New York Poetry Festival at 2:40pm. Also, good times. (And Ashleigh is going to be reading with the COUPLET Reading Series on Sunday.)

And on August 3rd I'm reading as a part of a marathon reading of Stanislaw Lem's Solaris, put together by the Atlas Review and the Marina Abromovic Institute. This goes from 2:30-10:30pm.