Monday, February 3, 2014

The Poetry Storehouse

The good people at The Poetry Storehouse have shared five poems of mine, with audio, at their site. It's an interesting project where the poet must give up control of their work for others to reinterpret through video or audio work. (Or other things that I have not heard of or do not yet exist.) These poems are there for other artists to mold to their own designs, which is a weird (read: valuable) experience, realizing that you've crafted these words and you're going to let others mess with their balance and meaning.

They've have some great "re-mixes" of poems up there now from other video artists and poets that are worth checking out. Excited to see what happens with this little bunch of poems.

Thanks to Nic and the folks who run and commune on the Poetry Storehouse for letting me be a part of the project.