Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Do the Candidates Continue to Refuse to Talk About Anything

It seems like the election has been a constant contest to seem who can say the least. I'm really amazed that we are only five weeks away from this being over. It feels like they are just getting started. Obama and Biden have really receded from the headlines and McCain is either stealing the headlines with Palin's idiocy (I believe my recent favorite was that she can't name a supreme court case outside of Roe v. Wade), or he's in the news aimlessly attacking Obama. What about what's actually happening, particularly the erosion of American civil liberties. Neither candidate would touch that topic with a ten foot pole. In their defense, it's lethal. What can you say on the topic that wouldn't piss someone off? But isn't that what we really want? I leader who isn't scared of opinion polls or talking about a something that people might get sensitive about? It's a real issue. The Bush administration has slowly but surely given the executive branch increased control of torture, spying, and all intelligence routes through the government. This is a flagrant violation of our constitution, of our rights. Yet, no one really seems to want to prod the candidates into speaking on the subject.

Obama is scared of looking left wing. And McCain has voted with Bush through the entire erosion. (and Obama is not innocent here) Why doesn't someone try to make them talk about it in a debate, or why aren't reporters hitting them with these questions. Katie Couric made Palin look dumb, but Palin has nothing to do with this, she is not a national politician, in my mind she's not much of a politician at all, but that's besides the point. Why can't we actually have an open discussion about these kind of issues in an election year? I think I know the answer, and maybe I'm being naive and idealistic in hoping that this could be possible, but dammit I don't care, I want to hear them speak about this. This may be a great plan for McCain in fact. It seems as though the debate would go to Obama, because McCain has always followed Bush through this erosion of our rights, and anyone that cares would have to side with Obama. But what if Obama can't defend a somewhat patchy track record here? What if he can't speak about it as eloquently as you would imagine? It might be a good chance for McCain to win over some of the liberal vote...try it, see what happens. It won't happen, but it's fun to imagine what kind of democracy you would wish for.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

David has a story to tell

David Doody has a great piece of flash fiction up on miniStories that you should read. It's call On Telling Her about the Short Story “On Wanting to Get Three Walls Up Before She Gets Home”

Friday, September 26, 2008

InDigest is seeking submissions focused on Hurricane Katrina

InDigest (, a literary magazine that seeks to create a dialogue about and between the arts, is interested in submissions focused on Hurricane Katrina. Why Katrina? Why now? We at InDigest were extremely troubled by the politicizing of events surrounding Hurricane Gustav—the photo ops, the self-serving talk of doing good for others, et al.—while people affected by Katrina are still living in FEMA trailers three years after Katrina hit. We feel that, unlike another national tragedy—9/11—Katrina has been dismissed, forgotten. We have our own opinions about why, but we seek artists’ and writers’ response to this national scar.

Please refer to for guidelines to submit poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and music. Submissions can be sent to

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Go Away, Bomb

I just finished reading the Gone Away World, the new book by Nick Harkaway, not that new is relevant, it's his first book. Anyhow, it's fantastic, and I'm recommending it. It's one of the best books I've read in so long. It's like the first time you hear Bob Dylan's Self Titled album on vinyl, or Bitches Brew on vinyl, when you prairie dog for a bit and then flat out poop. It was kind of like that and I loved it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Business

Here is some cool stuff:

Guernica Mag has some new stuff up.
This is a little behind but there is a great live recording of Nico Muhly up on the WNYC website.
Brandon Scott Gorrell has a good story up on InDigest (Did I already post that?)
Michael Azerrad wrote a beautiful, glowing review of the Signal Performs Steve Reich at LPR this weekend. It was awesome, I was there, I've fallen in love with Music for 18 Musicians.
Brad Liening wrote a poem that I like.
Meggie Elder also wrote a poem that I like.
Meakin Armstrong thinks Esquire sucks now. I do too.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I've been writing

There is a new issue of InDigest on screens today! Some good stuff in there. Articles from me, David, fiction from Brandon Scott Gorrell, Art from Pamela Kirton, and lots of other stuff.

Also I've been writing a little in these places...

here (InDigest) (Interview with Reverend Billy)
here (Guernica)
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here (Film-Forward)
Something over at Rift
a bunch of stuff over at the Favorite 10 Blog

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You've got to be kidding me.

Is this a trick somehow? Or is the world just a beautiful place? A painting elephant has restored my faith in humanity, but I'm not sure why. It'll fade soon. David? You know what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Radiohead live MP3s

Vin over at Favorite 10 spiced up my post on Radiohead's final performance of their American trek (in Santa Barbara, CA) being turned into a free podcast by NPR. He is now offering free, individual track downloads of every song of the performance here>>>>. I've been listening to this all morning, pretty great. Though I'd share the free downloads with you too.

Monday, September 8, 2008

One of my last photos from St. Paul...

I think I was watching the Stanley Cup with Colin that night...