Friday, December 28, 2012

Making It In The Movies

A short deal that I put together using a Lomokino Super 35mm and a poem of mine for the InDigest event the Last Reading on Earth, Ever: a Marathon of Apocalyptic Writing.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Age of Quarrel

I've got a new poem up at the Evergreen Review that shares a title with the Cro-Mags tune "Age of Quarrel."

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Court Dogs

I've got a longer poem up over at Tarpaulin Sky called "Court Dogs" that uses Pussy Riot's punk prayer to move between a few different structures.

I love Tarpaulin Sky. They're great.

Monday, December 10, 2012

New Issue of InDigest Up Now! It's Our Five-Year Anniversary!

Yes, it's been five years since the very first issue of InDigest hit internet shelves worldwide. It seems both longer and shorter than that (that's what she said), and we're endlessly appreciative of everyone who has been reading us, supporting us, listening to podcasts, buying books, coming to readings, and giving us high fives along the way. You're wonderful. Thanks for supporting us.

Two points of interest:
1. We have a new issue.
2. We have a 5-Year Anniversary Celebration happening in New York this Friday.

1. Issue #25 is out now. It includes all the beautiful people listed above. Of particular note: Lech Harris was in issue #1 of InDigest, and is making an appearance in an issue #25, five years later. That's pretty great. There's a nice circularity to that. He's also reading at our anniversary event (more below). We also have an essay by Harry Houdini in this issue. No, it's not a joke. A real, really hilarious, issue by the real Harry Houdini. For real. This issue is also our first issue with our new gallery editor Zan Emerson. We're glad to have her with us. She's got a couple of interviews with some very unique artists in this issue, including the artist behind the painting above of a president (bonus points if you know who that is) with a breast on his head. I'll stop before I write a sentence on every contributor and why they are great, and why we are happy to have them in this issue. They're all great. That's why we're publishing them. We hope you like them as much as we do.

2. On Friday (December 14th) we're having a reading in celebration of our five-year anniversary. There will be readers from all over our fair nation coming to partake in a scotch and some good times. If you come you will see readings from Andrew Durbin, Jennifer H. Fortin, Lech Harris, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Steven Karl, Nate Pritts, Kathleen Rooney, and Wendy Xu. Awesome, right? High five. See you there.

(RSVP on Facebook.) The reading is at 7pm at the Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge.

Again, thanks to everyone who has read the magazine, who has sent us work, who has contributed to the blog, or who has edited with us over the years. I'd (Dustin here, hi) like to offer a special thanks to the folks who have made this possible over the last five years through a ton of time, effort, and love on their part: David Doody, Ashleigh Lambert, Brad Liening, Chris Koza, Kate Casanova, Catherine Orchard, Zan Emerson, Joe Owens, Jess Grover, and Reina Podell. Those are the folks that have made all of this possible. Thanks.