Saturday, October 6, 2007

A video from Brave New Films

SO I do'nt actually believe that we are on the doorstep of war with Iran, but I have no doubt that we have been moving, subtly and not so subtly, in that direction for years. And i also believe there is a dangerous game of follow the leader being played by American new networks, more prevelent in smaller issues. The notion that fluff "news" shows like Entertainment Tonight hae modeled themselves on the look and feel of news networks to lend themselves credibility is well known. Most obviosuly they are modeled on the look of CNN. But now new networks like CNN see them as competition for those advertising dollars, so they have turned the game around and covring stories that are meant to be on fluff news. I see news pieces of Owen Wilson, Paris hilton, Brittany Spears every day on CNN, it's unbelievable and I think it's the result of a financial follow the leader happening in hte news world. It's kind of silly. Anyhow that was just supposed to be a preface to my posting of this video, it's pretty heavy handed but it has a very valid point. FOXnews is free to whaever they want as the independent establishment they are, you don't have to agree with them, I don't, but they are free to do there biased silly "news" shows, but what you can do is tell the other news stations that it's no ok to emulate them, because you don't support that... I don't know I'm not very good at this sort of thing, watch the video, it's interesting. Greenwald's Brave New Films is trying to get people to take action, I'm not telling you to, but I think that at least seeing both sides and being educated on what's happening behind the scenes in the news world is important.