Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day

And instead of posting some stupid rant about how you should vote I have decided against this. My inbox was full of "Hey, you should vote today" reminders, and that's all well and good, but I'm going to, and you either are or you aren't. I have decided, instead, to provide updated links throughout the day of some good reading to help relieve your anxiety till we have a new president today.

CNN has a really great electoral vote tracker. You can follow the house, the senate and the presidential races as well as your local elections. Very nice.

Election Night Updates, Guides and Reflections:
Can Obama Get the Popular Vote and Lose the election? (Yahoo! News)
McCain sues State of Virginia for 10 Additional Days for Military Personnel
Wet Ballots Clogging Voting Machines in Virginia (CNN)
Republican Election Board Members are Illegally Removing Poll-Watchers in Philadelphia, Again
Translating the Polls into Electoral Votes (Guernica) - Sidenote: this article isn't entirely accurate any longer. Slate was reporting yesterday that in the final polls McCain has pulled ahead in Missouri, that Obama has pulled ahead in North Dakota, they are no longer considering Virginia "in play" for McCain, and they are now reporting that Georgia is a toss up. Awesome.
The Year of Living at the Edge of Our Seats (NY Times)
Barack Obama for President by Andrew Sullivan (The Atlantic) - Thanks to Christopher Coake for the head's up on this one.
John Dickerson's Election Night Tip Sheet (an hour by hour update of what's really going on) (Slate)

Other Political scrawlings and Websites:
Stock Surge on Election Day (Bloomberg)
270 to Win
Minnesota 6th Graders Get Out the Vote (Huffington Post)
A Year of Smears (Blogs Are About Ego (Here))
The Ramones Estate Battles of McCain Endoresment (F10)
Jello Biafra Talks About the Election with John Doe (Sundance Channel Blog)
Jay-Z: "Obama's Running So That We All Can Fly" (Prefix Magazine)
Hip-Hop Stars Stump fr Obama in Florida (Billboard)
Women and Gays for McCain (Guernica)
A Thought For Election Day (Of It Maybe)
A Poem Before the Election (InDigest Blog)
One More Time for Good Measure (StreetArtObserverDaily)

Random Funny Stuff:
The People's Mario

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