Wednesday, November 5, 2008

4 States

I was proud last night when I saw that all four of my states (NY, PA, WI, MN) went Obama.

I wanted to vote in Minnesota this year, I've been immersed in Minnesota politics and know what's at stake there, unlike New York, where I know what's going on, but lack the passion for the candidates.

Just moments ago I checked in on the Minnesota voting last night. Obama, Yes to the environment, Keith Ellison. But I'm sadden to realize that Norm Coleman won by just 762 votes (with 99% of precincts reporting - need any further proof that every vote counts?). Also, I saw that The Crusader Michelle Bachmann has managed to keep her job, that's a bummer. Oh well, great steps were taken all over the nation. I wish I didn't have to hear Norm Coleman's Mayor Quimby voice ever again, but what do you do? You start by posting two videos to prove that Norm Coleman sounds just like Mayor Quimby, and hope that someone can make a good run at him in four years.

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