Monday, December 1, 2008

Some Good Things Happening

It's the anniversary of InDigest, and there are all sorts of wonderful things going on. It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn. Brad Liening has a really great poem in the new issue of FOU. InDigest has a big announcement that will saturate the internet later in the week. I'm going to see El Guincho tomorrow, and Tim Hecker on Friday (@ LPR). I have a film screening in Minneapolis on December 12 & 13. We're giving away a whole bunch of free MP3's at Favorite 10 this week. The Wild have won two in a row (without trying to jinx the 2-2 tie they have going with Colorado right now after the 1st UPDATE: Bouchard just scored at the start of the 2nd to make in 3-2 Wild). I read some great new poetry this morning in the newest issue of Jubilat. I finally saw Takashi Miike's Sukiyaki Western Django this weekend (it was ok, about what I expected, an ok film, great aestheticaly, and Miike does some fascinating things commenting on the appropriation of culture in the modern world by recreating a film that Sergio Leone stole from Akira Kurosawa, and America subsequently claimed by way of Clint Eastwood).

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