Friday, December 12, 2008

Best American Poetry

InDigest is about ready to release our anniversary issue. (Given, it's about two weeks after our actual anniversary, but what do you want from me?) We are very fortunate to have a great poem from poet/critic/blogger/professor/friend/all-around-good-guy-who's-way-smarter-than-me-and-I-remember-that-every-time-I-read-his-criticism-especially-the-great-review-of-Zot!-he-just-published-in-the-new-issue-of-Rain-Taxi Stephen Burt. This poem ("After Virgil" - a celebratory poem) is currently being previewed at the Best American Poetry Blog and you should go take a look at it. We're also very fortunate that the gust blogger over there this week H.L. Hix wanted to use this poem and that he had such nice things to say about InDigest over there at the blog. Thanks.

If you aren't familiar with the Best American Poetry Blog (of course you know the series, but) take a look at the blog, it's very good, and full of ways to lose yourself reading poems, interviews, etc. for far longer than your employer would probably find acceptable.

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