Thursday, December 11, 2008

End of Year Lists

I have a real love/hate affair going with end of the year lists. I think it simplifies things and infuriates me, but it's also great when I see an album listed that I haven't heard and I might love. Then I feel inadequate, but that's ok, that's my own shit. But, not sure why, I just feel like it, I'm going to compile a whole bunch of these lists here, because I've been looking at them all morning. Mostly because I'm about to post my own list at Favorite10 this coming week, and I think most of these lists are cop-outs. Anyhow, here's a bunch of lists for people like me: you hate them, but look at the all the time and never tell anyone, unless it's on your blog, because that's impersonal and I don't have to own up to shit.

NOTE: This got silly and I've moved it elsewhere. To actually see this post (sans the snark ass comments that were here, go here.

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