Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is Happening in the Wild Game Right Now?!?

I'm watching the Wild play the Lightning right now, and since I'm watching it online I'm watching a Tampa broadcast of the game.

The announcers just decided to point out that Tampa Bay goaltender Mike Smith has a new mask featuring the characters from Saw, which would be fine in itself, everybody likes designs on the mask, and there are worse things they could be spending the down time talking about (like the New Kids on the Block show they are relentlessly advertising) . Then they mention that the owner of the Lightning, Oren Koules, is the producer of the new Saw V.

Oh, weird.

After pointing out the mask and displaying a CGI version of the mask on the screen, from all angles, they began to talk about how much they are looking forward to the film, gave it's release date, and little history on the series. Shortly after that they, again, mention the mask by saying that it's probably scaring the Wild in the offensive zone, and that the movie is going to be really scary, too.

Play then continues for awhile.

But before the next commercial break the camera zooms in on Smith (Tampa's back-up tender) and then announcers again say, there is Smith in his scary new Saw mask, the new film in theaters across the country next week.

Really? Are they required to do this much promoting for the owner's new film? Seems a little out of place to me. It was relentless for about ten minutes, and they were talking about it while the game was going on. This is almost as bad as the Flyers owner having Sarah Palin drop the puck at their home opener (he just happens to be a big donor to the McCain campaign).

UPDATE: They just did it again. The team is offering free tickets to Saw V with purchase of tickets for the next couple home games. They also have a hand made portrait of the Saw doll hanging from the rafters. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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