Monday, October 27, 2008


Between reading Pafko at the Wall today, starting to watchSports Night, and the Wild winning tonight to become the only undefeated team (in regulation) left in the NHL.

Pafko at the Wall is the kind of book that makes the "good old days" seem real good. It makes me want to be there and experience a moment like that. Though, I guess, part of the thematic reasoning of the book is that there really isn't any time like your own, the unique circumstances that create an event out of every day of life. But nonetheless I just want to be a part of something I'm nostalgic for, which is impossible, and that is a big part of the allure. Maybe that will happen with the Wild this season and I'll feel like I got to watch a moment happen, even though I can't be there any more. Maybe they will take on the Rangers in the Cup and I can go to a game and then everything will be ok.

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