Thursday, October 23, 2008


According to an e-mail from the Obama campaign this is the new mailer the McCain campaign in sending out. "Terrorist." Strong words. This is some pretty dirty campaigning. The way the McCain campaign has manipulated the dialogue and the perceptions of the undecided voters is frightening. I find it frustrating when voters / citizens can see this kind of manipulation and blatant lying and then think it's still ok to vote for someone who does this (though no one is innocent of course), that this kind of manipulation of information wouldn't be taking place in everything that was being done in the White House, it's inconceivable to me to figure out just how someone thinks that this kind of lying is completely separate from other kinds. That there is no reason to fear a politician like this when they have power because these are separate things.

These are not separate things.

This is politics, in the White House, or on the way to the White House. This attempt to manipulate the way I think is infuriating, it makes me crazy. Why would you notice this and then support someone who you catch being deceptive, trying to manipulate the way you think?

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