Monday, February 4, 2008

Good Reads and Lech

I don't believe I ever posted this before, so it's long overdue, and most of you already know this, but I do what I want. A good friend of mine (Lech Harris) recently had two new pieces of short fiction published on InDigest. So if you want to read some good stories you should read Lech's stuff here.

Also I just finally got onto GoodReads. So if you are on good reads you should let me know, I love the site already, fairly useless, but that's my bag of tricks.

Oh yeah and there is a new interview on InDigest, Charles Green interviews filmmaker Valarie Kaur about her film Divided We Fall. It's good stuff.
Reading: Outlaws, Blobs and Other Things
Listening to: Howard Shore's Eastern Promises Soundtrack
Watching: The King of Kong (ridiculous, now I have to go to an arcade and play Centipede)

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