Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I just watched the CNN/youtube democratic debate and the latest Republican debate...dedcided to punish myself for being such a bad little heathen

So that was entirely painful. Jesus. I almost commited suicide twice. But I'll write about that later. I just wanted to post this link to Romney trash talking Democrats already. It's painful to watch people slinging mud and issuing their catch phrases already. (I kind of like Kucinich, but I swear to god if he points out that he's been against the war from the beginning one more time...). Anyway, here's the link to the story: From The Examiner

I pray that Republicans quit using tag lines about how the Democrats can't say "Islamic Terrorism" in public and how Bin Laden is running Al Qaeda in Iraq...

My sources (not real people) say that this photo was taken on a nice spring weekend when Romney packed up the kids and strapped the dog to his roof and dove to a cabin of his, way up north. The kids loved it. The dog has declined to comment on the incident.

Oh, yeah, and this was breaking news today, Iran has said that they will "never" stop their nuclear development programs. I thought they already said that. Or that it was one of things that's just understood. hmm. article from Reuters

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