Thursday, June 21, 2007

whose a fucking star?

3: a famous or extraordinarily talented performer in the world of entertainment or sports
an outstandingly good or successful person in a thing or group

These are two, abbreviated, definitions of the word "star." Now i know this is not an exceptional way to start a blog or essay but I was contemplating the use of the term star yesterday while listening to Oxbow. I was talking about Eugene, their singer, who is simultaneously a journalist (he interviewed Clinton...), the editor in chief of a major magazine, the singer of a band that kicks ass all over, a professional fighter and an ex-porn star. Now Eugene Robinson isn't a household name, my father has never asked me, when I visit, if I read that Eugene Robinson article last month, or if I'd ever seen that one porn from 92' with eugene Robinson and that woman with a penis.
I've been sidetracked, the point here is that here is a man who is clearly not a star. Mainstream pop culture would never accept him as an icon. In his own way he is a star, of sorts, in small cults of society, mainly Germany and San Fran. But he is nonetheless a porn STAR.
Now if you worked hard playing baseball your whole life, there is a one in a billion chance that you could be a star athlete, or, likewise, if not used ironically, you could work your whole life to be a rock star. But the second you pull out your penis, or vagina, in front of a camera you are a star. Everyone who has sex on camera is referred to as a porn star. Maybe it's implied that they are exceptionally good at sex but this seems silly to me. How do you know who's good? Sure everyone knows the household names like Dirk Diggler, Jenna Jamison, Ron Jeremy, names people who have never seen a porn know, but if you're a beginner where do you start? Everyone's a star in porn. I've really got no one where to go from here, I'm cornered, I just wish there was some osrt of implied rating system in porn. Actually I don't, I just know I'll never be a star of any sort, and now you're going to tell me that some high school drop out is a star, and I'm a fucking no one. Who gives a shit? You think you're so special?

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