Thursday, May 31, 2007

So today I joined I was just online and wanted to listen to some music and thought, hey why don't I finally check this out and listen to some internet radio. I turned on my player and was listening to the Black Keys and reading the news on the BBC and saw in their entertainment section that was just bought out, yesterday, by the CBS Corporation. I don't know why this is so disappointing to me. I mean there is the standard feeling of not wanting something interesting like internet radio to get in the hands of the corporations, who'll utilizing ads, etc. etc. But I don't even really have any attatchment to I like the concept but I'm not really all that impressed with the selection of music on here. (If you don't know about it's internet radio, except you set-up your own station, you tell the player what music you listen to and it reads what songs you have on your itunes or winamp and creates a playlist for you based on your musical interests. a great concept, excecuted with a hint of mediocrity)

Anyhow, I was disappointed by this news and I don't know what that says about me, because it really doesn't matter.

I hope I don't suck.

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Dustin said...

As I looked back through my posts I realized that my love affair with didn't last past writing this...Last is really boring...