Friday, May 18, 2007

here I go

A writer once put in his contributer's note "[The author] has, on more than one occasion, contemplated starting a blog, but wrestles with the notion that writing itself requires a healthy ego, while blogging requires an ego of immense proportions." Now, I'm not trying to single anyone out but...(David Doody, Twin Cities Luxury and Fashion May '07).
Well its true. It takes ego to write, I've got some, I'm using it now. Which is shown in the fact that I am even trying to begin writing a blog, which will be, essentially, meaningless, comma ridden, and bigoted. But here I am assuming someone will take the time to read this. (Which may or may not be bullshit, but I must somewhere actually believe someone will, otherwise why do this? Though if you saw me on the street and asked me, I'd tell you that no one will ever read it and I don't give a damn if they do, but this is a lie). So what will you see if you haven't been completely turned off yet? This lovely page layout and... I don't really know what self-important people do, talk about the music, books, movies, brands of underwear and kinds of cereal they like, because writers have to assume that the cereal they eat is better than the cereal their readers are eating. I ate Honey Nut cheerios this morning over a cup of coffee. It was delicious. You should try it.

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