Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Set the Dial to Implode

This was the best photo I could find, without trying very hard, of the world exploding. If you Google "world explodes" all of the images are much more serious than you might expect. In retrospect, of course they are, but I expected Google to have the same point of view I do about the world exploding: what can you do?

Google is very serious about the world exploding.

All that's for nothing because all I really wanted to say is I have two poems up in the new issue of Out of Nothing, one of which is called "Turn the Dial to Implode and Enter the World." I wanted to have a picture of the world exploding because of that poem, but that doesn't really make much sense. If the world explodes then it did the opposite of what would happen if you set the dial to implode. Unless the machine that the dial was attached to was broken and did the opposite of what it was told. And then again I think implode and explode, as it pertains to the world, may only be opposite grammatically or theoretically. In both cases I think the world ends, so maybe the opposite of exploding is "everything stay put." Also, I don't think you can enter the world once it explodes. I'm not even sure you can "enter the world" at all, since you're already in it. Unless you're a spaceman. Then you could. Because you would have exited the world. You have to exit the world before you can enter it, if you're born in it.

Just one man's opinion.

Anyhow, new issue of Out of Nothing is up, and it's very beautifully designed.

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