Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm reading a poem based on "No.13 Baby" tonight

I'm reading at the Polestar Poetry series at the Cake Shop tonight. It starts a 5pm. The reading is a tribute to The Pixies' Doolittle. There is a different poet assigned to each song of the album and they're reading a poem based on that song. I'm reading a poem based on "No.13 Baby," which is an awesome song. So is "Hey." I really underrated that song previously. I'm making up for my errors by way of a public proclamation of my love right now. I love that song. There. That's over with. Anyhow. Reading. 5pm. Polestar. Pixies. Other stuff. more.

Here's a list of the readers and their songs.
Debaser // Lily Ladewig
Tame // Tess Patalano
Wave of Mutilation // Tyler Flynn Dorholt
I Bleed // Erika Moya
Here Comes Your Man // Luke Bloomfield
Dead // Mike Lala
Monkey Gone to Heaven // David Olimpio
Mr. Grieves // Tommy Pico
Crackity Jones // Sasha Fletcher
La La Love You // Rebecca Keith
La La Love You (remix) // Hannah Miet
No. 13 Baby // Jon Cotner
No. 13 Baby (remix) // Dustin Luke Nelson
There Goes My Gun // M.G. Martin
Hey // Austin Rory Hackett
Silver // Kimberly Kaye
Gouge Away // John Dermot Woods

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