Wednesday, December 8, 2010

InDigest Wants You to Write a Cento Based on a Wikileak Cable

Friends, whistle-blowers, readers, bloggers, drunkards, past contributors to InDigest,

Whether or not you think Wikileaks has further endangered fragile U.S. diplomatic relations around the world, whether or not you believe Julian Assange sexually assaulted two women in Sweden, whether or not you think Amazon’s refusal to continuing hosting wikileaks is gutless and cowardly, whether or not you think Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal blocking funding to Wikileaks is similarly gutless and cowardly: let’s write some centos!

That’s right, centos! InDigest wants you to write centos based on the Wikileaks cables to be included at the InDigest blog and a broadside anthology that will appear in the next issue of InDigest (and maybe elsewhere for a future project from InDigest as well). We’ve already got a bunch of these and they are going so well that we wanted to open this up to anyone.

Check out the already massive load of leaked diplomatic cables here, write a cento and send it over. (Wikileaks has been having to bounce around different servers, let us know if you’re having trouble tracking them down.) If you have friends whose writing you enjoy, tell them about it. The more the merrier, there’s certainly enough material. We’ll be posting them on the blog as they come in, publishing broadsides in the next issue and throwing reading parties in both New York and Minneapolis in January.

To submit:
Send them here:
Subject line: wiki centos
Deadline: rolling, but we’re wrapping it all up by December 30.

Happy writing.

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