Monday, November 1, 2010

New InDigest, New Radio Happy Hour

Oh, busy day. This morning we put out Issue #18 of InDigest! Yeah. It's great. Poetry from Bart Schneider, Autumn Giles, Jackie Clark, Tony Leuzzi, new fiction from Lech Harris, Caren Beilen, and J. Bradley (who is reading at InDigest 1207 on Nov. 17 in NYC). New columns, recording journals, interviews, podcasts, and more.


Then, Radio Happy Hour put out the first video of a new series called Radio Happy Hour presents The Fall of Keith. It stars the Radio Happy Hour kids (and me) and comedians Sean Patton, John Knefel, Molly Knefel, and Brett Tabisel. I like it. See it:

The Fall of Keith: Act I from Radio Happy Hour on Vimeo.

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