Friday, August 21, 2009

InDigest is Looking for New Writers

As you may have read, InDigest is taking a little break over the summer while we organize some new projects, redesign the website, and get some new staff ready for our new life.

As a part of this process we are looking for some new writers who are interested in contributing monthly columns to InDigest. Columnist positions at InDigest are unpaid - none of us really get paid for this thing. We are working towards making sure everyone is compensated, but at the moment that's not the case.

What we are looking for:
- Film Critic
- Music Critic
- Fiction Critic
- Poetry Critic
- Political Columnist
- Sports Columnist
- a cartoonist who'd like to have new work featured regularly
- If you have an idea for a column that is not listed here please feel free to send a proposal
- We are also looking for an intern for the fall semester

None of the positions are location specific, though we do prefer an intern who is either located in New York City or Minneapolis.

Please send an e-mail to writers [@] The subject line should be "YOUR NAME [TYPE OF COLUMN YOU'RE APPLYING FOR]."

In the body of the e-mail include a proposal for what column you would like to write, your past experience in this field and other publications you have written for. Please attach three writing samples of the type you are applying for.

If you are interested in the intern position please send an email to editors [@] and explain why you are qualified for the position and attach a resume as well.

If you can't follow the submission guidelines here (which are pretty simple and straightforward) you will not be considered.

Please be somewhat familiar with the magazine and know what what type of work we have previously published.

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