Saturday, May 30, 2009

InDigest Issue 11

Issue 11 is now up, and our contributors in the Narratives section find, through their fiction, new and interesting ways to deal with relationships gone south, and our Poetics section contributor expresses his joy at your appearance in that crown! We also bring you the beautiful work of Sougwen Chung in our Gallery, and welcome back our series InDialogue, where writers and artists talk to each other about, well, anything they want to talk to each other about. Here, two long-time members of the InDigest family, Meakin Armstrong and Sam Osterhout, discuss, among other things, the fate of the funny man, growing old, and why Meakin’s characters don’t have enough sense to get themselves out of the damn basement.

And remember, if you're in New York stop by (le) Poisson Rouge the first Wednesday of every month for the InDigest 1207 reading series, where in June we will be welcoming Stephen Burt, Angela Ball, Rodrigo Toscano, and Giao Buu (and later this summer, John Wray, Marlon James, Ronaldo V. Wilson, and Geoff Herbach).

Nicole Callihan's delightfully odd story about a man who sees his friends' relationship somewhat differently than they do.

"One Fish, Two Fish"


Peter Bognanni's wild ride into the mystical world of swords...and how they can spice up your love life.

"Historical Replicas Unlimited"

Three poems by Michael Ogletree:

"Look at You in That Crown!"
"The Thread"
"Anything Goes, I Guess"


Beautiful, swirling prints with muted colors and surprising depth by Sougwen Chung.


Past InDigest Narratives contributors Meakin Armstrong and Sam Osterhout InDialogue.

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