Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BREAKING NEWS FLASH: How the terror fist jab has led to the discovery of Nazo/Hezbollah laughter

After hearing that Fox News anchor E.D. Hill call Barack and Michelle Obama's infamous fist pound a "terrorist fist jab" (and that this is somehow a gesture connected to Hezbollah) i realized that this premise frightened me. If terrorist hand signals can get into a building I can enter (I was there) what other horrible terrorist elements are creeping into my everyday life? It's disturbing, think about it. Hezbollah terror fist pounds just twenty or thirty feet from god fearing, freedom loving iPhone, how horrible.

I decided I need to do a little research and see how far this minutia of terror had seeped into my life. I am terrified but what I have found. Please, take a look at this video.

Now maybe I'm wrong, I don't know German, but do you notice anything suspicious around the 22 second mark? That's right. Those people are clapping for Hitler. I was further shocked to find this video.

That's right. You can hear it briefly near the beginning, if you listen closely. But at the 1:02 mark it becomes quite prominent. Clapping. Have Nazi's infiltrated the Republican party. I hoped not. Dear God. I hoped it wasn't so. Then I found this:

A whole stadium of potential Nazi's at a democratic rally. Even the Obama's can be seen clapping there hands. Their Hitler loving hands smacking together, repeatedly. I said, "say it ain't so. Say it ain't so."

Could it be that the Nazi's still exists and they are in cahoots with Hezbollah terrorists who have infiltrated both the Republican and Democratic parties?

Now this. Laughter. On the surface this would seem innocent. But if you listen closely to the second video, just as the video starts, a one two punch of clapping and laughter. Could these gestures of human emotion be related? Experts say yes. Yes, they can. Laughter is part of the potentially malicious Nazo/Hezbollah signal. It has not only infiltrated Comedy Central but our unbiased media as well. I will continue my research and report back as this story develops.

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