Saturday, April 12, 2008

How the wild make me struggle

I never really saw myself in the light of being a sports fan, and when I would read "What I've Been Reading" and Nick Hornby would talk about how he hadn't read much in the last month because Arsenal was playing particularly well I thought it was funny, but deep down I thought it was kind of ridiculous. I have had the urge to read Dashiell Hammet's The Thin Man for a while now (just because the films are great and why not, I guess) but I can't even accomplish that. When your team is in the playoffs there is so much invested in every game that I have to spend hours in the morning reading analysis and the breakdown for the next game, interviews with the coaches etc. etc. etc. I guess I'm really trying to say is that I haven't done anything personally challenging since the playoffs began and I don't even care. I was going to use it as a cloak for why I haven't been reading a good deal, but I regret it not. The last game was as exciting as playoff hockey gets. Good shot Carney.

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