Monday, November 19, 2007

Minneapolis like what

I've been getting Blender Magazine for free for a little while now (and it's terrible, but when it's sitting on the toilet i can only reason that there are words in it and not on the wall...). In the new issue they have a list (a staple of the music magazine without enough real content to fill every issue) of the top 100 indie rock albums of all time. It's not terrible, it's safe and forgettable, but i noticed that, if you include The Hold Stead (and i do), there are 3 Minneapolis bands in the top 20. 

It's not really that many, but Minneapolis gets no credit for the music that comes out of here. So there, everywhere but New York, L.A. (ish) and London. Even crappy magazines can't deny that we've got something. 

(and Dave, i agree with the Mountain Goats post...they made the crappy Blender "indie" list too)

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